Dr. Darnyelle Jervey Harmon is back on a fresh note, marking the start of Season 3 of the Move to Millions Mastermind (formerly the Leverage Your Incredible Factor Podcast). Refreshed and excited with what this season has in store for everyone, Darnyelle talks about navigating the show and operating the business from her own vision point. Darnyelle expresses how after years of working under a certain branding, she is ready for a bigger, better, and more leveled-up appearance. She also shares how this new season was brought about by the realization that the show needed a brand refresh to match the powerful message that it has been communicating online, and in the marketplace since day one. Listen in as Darnyelle discusses everything this new start will bring your way and the journey she took over this last year to get to this point.

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This episode is powered by the Move to Millions Quick Start Guide. Are you wondering what it’s going to take to make and move millions? I’ve got exactly what you need. Go now to MoveToMillionsGuide.com. Let me say first and foremost that I am so excited to be back. Happy new year. It seems like forever since we were together on a new episode on what is now the Move to Millions show. If you recall and if you’ve been a loyal audience from day one, you got brought into the Leverage Your Incredible Factor show for two powerful seasons with 100 episodes.

Brand Refresh

We’re so excited to bring you all of the insight that is on the Leverage Your Incredible Factor show, but we made a decision in February of 2021 to undergo a brand refresh, and I call it a refresh because I was very clear that changing our company’s name was not supposed to happen, but I was also equally as clear and fully understanding the fact that the visual brand representation that we had amassed in the marketplace was not taking us to the eight-figure mark.

Have you ever had a moment like this? I woke up one day in February and realized that I had to kill the purple lady. You know who I’m talking about. If you go back and look at the previous 100 episodes of this show, you’ll see her. She’s standing right on the side of the name of the show. I realized that where we desire to go as we think about operating this business into the next season from our vision point and not our vantage point, the purple lady is not supposed to be along on the journey.

Let me tell you something that was really interesting. Once I realized that we needed a brand refresh and that I needed to up-level what we looked like online to match the powerful message that we’ve been communicating in the marketplace since day one, I went to some of my best girlfriends, and after years of letting this purple lady be part of everything that we were doing, my best girlfriends finally told me that my icon for our old logo was circa 1997.

Given the fact that I didn’t even start this business until 2007, I was completely behind the eight ball. They said they didn’t tell me because I was making it work. For me, it just goes to show how little importance goes into your imagery if your messaging is right, but I did wake up that day in February realizing that I needed a bigger, better and more up-level appearance.

This is what happened. One of our newer clients received our new client gift in the mail. We have a service delivery standard at the company that within 24 to 48 hours, once you become our client, we are getting your welcome materials off to you. The new client gets this gorgeous up-leveled box in the mail, and she is surprised. She didn’t expect it. At that moment, I realized that we had an opportunity to double down and go deeper inside of the way that we were showing up for our clients.

Little importance really goes into your imagery if your messaging is right.

I don’t want people to be surprised when they get a gift that is as amazing as we put in the hands of our clients upon enrolling. I want them to come to expect it, and I knew immediately that the brand representation that we had was not fitting the bill and we needed to do some serious up-leveling. It took us almost a year to go through the process. I had never undergone a branding process before in my life. I knew the name of my company, created my first tagline and went off to the races. I was never really thinking about everything that goes into the branding process.

The truth of the matter is I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m glad we did it the way that we did. If I had to do it all over again, I would do the same thing. I would work the business for multiple years, get a tremendous amount of success and case stories, and clarify all of our frameworks before I would undergo the branding process, and that is what I would tell you.

If you are millions-minded and you desire to have a company where you are one day a $1 million CEO, I do not recommend that you put your time and your energy into the branding process. I recommend that you put your time and energy into doubling down and transforming the lives of your clients. That’s what we did for several years.

I started the company in 2007, and 2021 is when we first entered a formal branding process with all of the moving parts with a brand strategist that was amazing and helped us to get crystal clear on our ideal clients, what we wanted to be known for and the message we wanted to articulate, and then put that into a visual representation that you guys can now see as a part of this newly rebranded show.

I am so excited about everything we went through in 2021, and although I kept wanting to pull the trigger to bring the show back, I decided to wait until we had everything ready because I didn’t want to mar your experience and I wanted you to be able to understand what we went through and how we got to where we are now.

In the coming episodes, before we introduce you to some of our guests for season three, you’re going to hear me talking about the journey and what we’ve done over 2020 to get to this point. At the same time, we celebrated a multiple million-dollar year in our business, which blows my mind because growth was not what we were after. 2021 was all about the rebrand, and we grew the company by 208% while we were getting clear about how to double down and go deep with our clients.

MTOM 101 | Move To Millions Mastermind
Move To Millions Mastermind: If you desire to have a company where you are one day, a million-dollar CEO, do not put your time and your energy into the branding process. Instead, put your time and your energy into doubling down and transforming the lives of your clients.

That’s not even the truth entirely because God gave me the word deeper for 2022 on December 31st, 2021, but I’ll tell you honestly that when we started to go through this process and clarified our ideal clients, looked at our signature programs, leveraged and scaled weekends in the Move to Millions Mastermind, my team and I underwent this process to realize that we serve two different ideal clients and that there was an opportunity in serving those clients very deeply so that they would be transformed not just in their businesses, but in their lives that if they would be open to what it is that we offer them, fear will cease to exist and problems with money will cease to exist, and they would see themselves the way that God has always seen them.

If they could see themselves that way, then getting their business to the next milestone would tend to be filled with more grace than it would ever be filled with a grind. That, for me, is what it’s all about and what 2022 has been about as we’ve been undergoing this process and looking at every orifice of our company. We have also grown our team substantially. It has been amazing to see what has happened by taking the time to get crystal clear and double down on who we are and who we desired to be.

Moving Millions

Can I share with you in full transparency that there was some fear coming up for me as we were undergoing this branding process. Making the decision to be obedient, and to go all-in on Move to Millions? Could we talk about that for a second? It was October the 23rd of 2020 when God gave me the three words of move to millions. We were at day three of the Breakthrough in Business live event. We had to hold it in October of 2020 because of COVID. It was initially supposed to be in May, but we had to move it until October.

It was the third day when God said, “You know this is your last time calling it this, right?” I was like, “I don’t know what you’re talking about, God,” and he went on to say that he wanted me to continue doing the work that I was doing but he wanted me to do that work under a new umbrella, and that umbrella was the three words he gave me.

I want to try to take you back to that moment as much as I can. It’s 6:00 AM, I finished showering, and I’m waiting for my makeup artists to come. I’ve got my praise and worship music on and I’m getting ready on starting the day. I hear Move to Millions and immediately all over my whole body, I get the most exhilarating chill. When I feel chills, that is how I know God is present. I feel these chills and I am blown away at the magnitude of something that I have been praying for months, if not years. It was my movement. What was my thing? How was I going to shake the planet truly?

I had been talking about shaking the planet for quite some time, but how was I going to make the impact that I know that I was truly created to make? I heard him say move to millions and I immediately got those chills. I felt amazing, but then moments later, although I had to get ready to go on stage and serve the 150 plus attendees at our event, whether they were live in person or they were virtual for our hybrid experience, I had to put it down. For a moment, I felt like Moses. I felt like being called to deliver the people and feeling inadequate.

You have an opportunity to serve clients very deeply so that they would be transformed not just in their businesses, but in their lives.

Can I keep it real with you? I tried to immediately come up with every reason as to why it wasn’t me and it wasn’t my turn. That somebody else should go before me, and then God reminded me that he had equipped me. When we looked back over my company for all the years we had been in existence, every year, believe it or not. I’m going to count from 2011 when I came back into full-time entrepreneurship. The years before matter, but we weren’t tripping the light fantastically, but from 2011 on, every year, at least one of my clients crossed the million-dollar mark. Some even before I was making a million dollars a year in the company.

God had to remind me that I was equipped and that I could take people to the million-dollar mark. If I focused, honed in, and follow one course until success would be the results, I could help hundreds make and move millions. There are a lot of people out there dreaming of millions. You’ve been duped, hoodwinked, and bamboozled into believing that based on the scroll that you make on Facebook, the so-called million-dollar experts who made a million dollars with their laptop sitting on the beach.

I’m not trying to say that’s not possible. That could be somebody’s story, but it’s probably not going to be yours because there are a lot of moving parts that go into making the move to millions, and on this show under this new name, that is my mission and purpose. That is what we’re going to talk about. We’re going to talk about what does it look like to make the move to millions.

What is at stake? What does your mindset need to be? What do you need to get set up inside of your business or infrastructure to be able to support your business at the million-dollar mark without you having to hustle and grind to get there? These are the things that I want to talk about under the show, and it’s part of the reason why we had to change the name.

Yes, we still help our clients clarify their incredible factors. That won’t ever go away. That’s your unique brilliance, and that is what we call it, but it’s about so much more than leveraging your incredible factor. It’s about making and moving millions. It’s about the income and the impact that accompanies it when you are crystal clear who you are and what you are here to do on this planet.

Under this new name of an existing show, as we move forward with this powerful rebrand and positioning to you, that is our mission. Our mission is to double down on helping you to get clear about what it’s going to take to move to millions. This is not a pie in the sky and it’s going to happen overnight type of thing. I’m also not going to present it as such. It took me years to make the move to millions, and if I’m being honest, I made the move by mistake.

You can double and triple your business while focusing on growth. Growth gives you the time and the energy to continue to support the infrastructure and foundation of your company.

It was not the plan. Every year, about 20% of our clients are making the move to millions. Now that we’re doing that, we’ve got a framework, methodology and a process that can help you to get there. I’ll be honest with you. I still believe that it’s going to take you a couple of years. The first year is about putting the foundational elements in place. Trust me. You do not want to make millions without your foundation set because you’re going to break your business and you’re going to become the bottleneck. You’re going to be overwhelmed and frustrated, and you’re going to turn back on your desire to move millions of people in the world.

MTOM 101 | Move To Millions Mastermind
Move To Millions Mastermind: You’ve been duped into believing that, based on the scroll that you make on Facebook, so-called million-dollar experts make a million dollars with their laptop sitting on the beach. But truth is, there’s a lot of moving parts that go in to making the move to millions.

Year One

Year one is about setting the foundation and making sure that you get the right offers, messaging, and marketing infrastructure. You know how you’re selling and how to sell consistently. Those are the things that we focus on in the first year. The second-year is about fine-tuning those assets, creating a few more assets, and building out your systems and infrastructure while bringing on the team that’s going to support you to the million-dollar mark.

Year Two

I’m big into operating your business from your vision point and not your vantage point. That means that you have to embody a $1 million CEO. You’ve got to make decisions at the million-dollar level. You’ve got to execute the tasks that $1 million CEOs execute. Some of you are doing things inside of your business that should be done by somebody you could pay $15 to $100 an hour. It’s not the best and highest use of your time, and if you truly do desire to be a $1 million CEO, you’re going to have to let those things go. In year two, we focus on who should be on the team, so that you can build out the team that’s going to support the infrastructure that you need to make the move with grace and ease instead of hustle and grind.

Year Three

Year three is when we get into scale. You can grow your business. You can double and triple your business while focusing on growth. Growth gives you the time and the energy to continue to support the infrastructure and foundation of your company. When you’re ready to scale, you’re ready to pour gasoline on everything you’ve done so that you volumize. It becomes a numbers game substantially so that you see those numbers really leap, but without breaking your business in the process.

Move to millions, for me, I think it has been a few years. We have clients who this past year in 2021 made the move to millions, and their businesses were doing about $250,000 in 2020. They did it in one year, so can it be done? Absolutely. I don’t always recommend that you attempt to do it. There’s a lot at stake.

That’s part of the reason why when we first start working with our clients, we give them a powerful assessment to see where they are and how much we can push the envelope to get them to that milestone, but I’m never willing to take someone to the million-dollar mark without making sure that they’re ready and they can sustain it because it’s not about being a one-hit-wonder. It’s about sustaining a business at that level. It’s about becoming a millionaire, which can only come as you build out assets, and your business being one of those assets.

MTOM 101 | Move To Millions Mastermind
Move To Millions Mastermind: Becoming a millionaire can only come when you build out assets, become one of those assets, and value those assets so that they are actually making money for you.

Also, it’s about making sure that you are identifying all of the components of your business in such a way and valuing those assets so that they are making money for you. We talk about all of this with our clients because, for me, I want to make sure that no one experiences what I experienced when I first made the move to millions, again, by accident.

It was 2014. I had raised doubled all of my prices and we had 200 and some people at our live event. We are amazing at what we do, and the experience we create is phenomenal, so we had a lot of people enrolled in our program to the tune of $1.3 million in cash in three short days. Just like that overnight in the middle of May 2014, we were a $1 million company.

We had done it, except we hadn’t, because we didn’t have the infrastructure to support us at that level. I paid out a lot of taxes that year. It was almost $400,000, and I vowed that once I figured out what I needed to have in place to have a business that operated at that level, I would teach other people that. I wouldn’t let anyone else make the same mistake that I made in my own business. I would prepare people for millions so that when they got there, it would be a dream come true and not a nightmare they couldn’t wake up from.

I know I’ve said a lot and I’m talking around. It’s because I’ve missed you guys so very much, but I want you to know that this season of the show is about doubling down. We’re going to get into the move to millions. We’re going to break it all the way down for you. I’ve got some powerful guests that run million-dollar and multimillion-dollar companies slated to come on and share with you this season. It is going to be incredible. I kid you not.

I’m excited for you because I believe that success leaves clues, and my mission this 2022 into perpetuity is to make sure that you know what it takes, the good, the bad and the incredible of making moving millions, and how to do one moving million so that making millions happen easily and effortlessly. That’s what 2022 is all about. The move is also about the powerful acronym that God gave me. First, he spoke and he said move to millions, and then he didn’t speak for a couple of weeks. Then, about two weeks later, he says, “It’s an acronym.” I love acronyms. They are my favorite, so I sat, thought and guessed my own what each letter would stand for. I was partially right.

I guessed Mastery, Operations, Vision, and Excellence. That was my guess, and God was like, “We got to tweak that a little bit,” so it is Mastery, Operational Obedience, Vision and Execution, because it’s about mastering who you are and what you bring to the table, being operationally obedient, and doing the things you have to do to be a CEO. Sometimes, you have CEO on your business card, but you’re not showing up as CEOs. You’re taking siestas in the middle of the day, which is okay if you got teams and infrastructures to support you taking breaks like that so that business is still getting done, clients are still being served, and sales are still coming in, but most of you aren’t there yet, and you’re not quite acting like a CEO.

That operational obedience is making sure your business’ infrastructure is sound, but then you’re also being obedient to what the call to be a CEO means. The vision, and you will hear me talk about this so much that it’s not about your vantage point. It’s about your vision point. You’ve got to pray this. This is probably the prayer you need to pray. You should say, “Grant me grace, the clarity, and the focus to think, feel, and act like my million-dollar self.” Then, you’ve got to decree and declare that you make million-dollar decisions, you execute only million-dollar tasks, and you live daily from a multiple million-dollar state of mind.

As you take those million-dollar actions and hire million-dollar teams and invest like a multimillion-dollar CEO, so it shall be. You’ve got to be it to become it. We’re going to get all into that as we talk about vision, and we’re going to talk about execution. The Bible says faith without works is dead. I believe we’ve got to give God something to bless, and the way we do that is through our execution. We’re going to talk about what that looks like in the coming episodes. We’re going to talk about who you need to be and what you need to have. I’m going to break down all of the components that are necessary for you to embody the CEO that can make and move millions truly.

I am so excited to be back. I’ve missed you so much. We have so much to talk about. It’s going to be an incredible season. I’m excited for your move to millions and what’s coming down the pike for you. I’m excited to be sharing and to be the conductor on your million-dollar journey, helping you to get your life and your business on one accord so that you can make and move millions with grace and ease. That is what I desire for you. I’m most excited about is helping you in this way. In this season on the show, we’ll also be talking about our Move to Millions Tour and our Move to Millions Live Event that’s happening in May 2022.

You guys know I know how to throw an event. I know how to throw a party. I know how to create an environment for you to get everything that you need to all come into view. What we will do is so powerful. We’re also looking to do some move to millions make-over, so you’ll have the opportunity to go to our show page and apply to have your business made over live on the show. All of that and so much more are coming up for you this season on the show.

There are so many things that I cannot wait to share with you. I have missed you so very much. It is going to be on. I’m so excited. I’m committed to this mission and this vision and showing you what it looks like to have a business that makes and move millions so that you have the impacts that solidify the income so that you never have to chase a dollar another day in your life by showing up fully and impacting deeply.

By doubling down, you’ll be able to serve your clients at the next level and be rewarded financially for it. It’s going to be an amazing season. I’m so excited to be back. I know I keep saying that, but I’m so excited to be back. I can’t wait to share more with you about all that we’ve done and everything that’s coming down the pipe for you. It’s going to be an incredible season. I’ll see you again real soon. Take care.

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