Thank you for joining me on Facebook Live! Here are a couple ways you can work with me, or you can apply for a discovery session with one of my Business Advisors if you're interested in other ways to work with me.

Purchase either program and get a bonus ticket to my live event in May, Breakthrough in Business Live! (Learn more below.)

Messaging Master Class

Brand Messaging. Join Darnyelle for two laser-focused sessions in a small group setting. You'll nail down the exact message that your business wants to share with the world, and be able to use it in all aspects of your marketing, sales, and brand identity.


Virtual Business Intensive

Positioning, Promotion, Packaging, Pricing & Close the Sale. VBI is for new/emerging business owners who need help creating a plan to start their business so that they experience growth from day one. This program is ideal for those of you who have a talent or expertise that you need help positioning for profit. If your messaging and marketing are missing the mark and it’s messing with your bank account, you’ll enjoy working with Darnyelle via the Virtual Business Intensive.