Client Interview: How Tonia's Big Breakthrough Took Her Business BEYOND the Six-Figure Mark

Allow me to introduce you to my two year client, Tonia Morris CEO of Transition Enterprises and Simply HR. Tonia is the queen of the multi-generational workforce and she is frequently called upon to teach, coach, and train both organizations and leaders.

When I first met Tonia, it was 2017 at the request of another client, but Tonia felt like she had what she needed so we both went our separate ways. Imagine my surprise when a few months later out of the blue Tonia called and expressed what she was needing most. You see, she was already well-known in her industry and sought-after but she wasn’t earning at the level she knew she could.

Perhaps you can relate as you watch our interview:

Ready for results like Tonia?


My favorite part of the interview was when she said that she loves the Incredible Factor University community. You see, it’s not just that they work with me. It’s that I have curated a community of high-achieving women (and a few equally as good men) in the Leverage + Scale Mastery Mastermind and each is powerful in her own right. And, they get the benefit of association and accountability with one another.

In our first year of working together, I helped Tonia raise her rates and the way she saw herself and she crossed the six-figure mark. She even closed her first $43,000 client.

In our second year, Tonia added a new division to her growing company, continued to close large client retainers, started building her team and streamlined her operations, all while growing in popularity and revenue. And even when Covid-19 hit, Tonia pivoted quickly and watched her business hold strong.

In addition to the great money she was making, Tonia made a powerful shift in her mindset and that has made all of the difference to her consistent growth.

“Working with Darnyelle has been a game changer for my business. I’m more focused, more clear and earning more in my business. If you are ready to break through, you need to hire Darnyelle.

Tonia Morris
Tonia Morris Simply HR, Inc.

One of my gifts is being able to laser in and identify what a client needs from the moment we connect during the discovery process. I didn't force Tonia to see that she needed to work with me - I am not in the business of convincing anyone that they need me or my team. But I am always excited when someone I know I can help sees it too. And we love working with them.

The growth from our IFU clients alone is unheard of... that's not even mentioning all the personal growth and impact that they are making – where else are you finding these kind of results consistently?

I’ll tell you where, nowhere.

It’s because the combination of spiritual principles with business growth strategy produces results at the next level. And we have that on lock at Incredible Factor University, period.

And now, let’s talk about YOU...

Are you six figure service-based business owner who is ready for mentorship and community at the next level?

Are you ready to close the gap between you and the transformation you offer?

Do you need help creating and streamlining operational systems so that your business starts to run like clockwork with or without you?

These are all things that we can introduce to your life and business when you join us at Incredible Factor University.

If you're ready to admit that you need a breakthrough in your business and you're tired of hoping that you can do it on your own, I invite you to apply to join us in one of our programs.

What to Expect

Upon approval, you'll gain access to our private advanced training that breaks down our framework and methodology for working with clients, how we help them set up their business to MOVE to Millions and how we support all that they are as spouses, parents, leaders and community servants. And as a part of our training, you will see what's possible and what's the right plan to get you where you want to be.

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