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Dreaming of a million-dollar business, but not sure how to go from "on your mind" to "on the MOVE"?

I know how you feel. 

Quick question: what if it took you less time than it took me to cross the million dollar mark in your business?

How would that make you feel? 

Having a business is hard enough; having a business that doesn't serve you is the worse thing ever. And let's face it, it's not why you quit your "good job" to become a business owner. 

If you're anything like I was, you've been at this a long time and you are no closer to your ultimate goal: millions.  I get it. You see, it took me what feels like forever to cross the million dollar mark because I didn't have the mindset, strategy, guidance and support it takes to operate at the million dollar level.  And since I am being honest,  I didn't believe that I deserved it. 

But that won't be your story. 

And the beautiful thing?  By joining me for my upcoming event, you get to learn from my mistakes.  I'm going to save you YEARS by helping you master the ONE THING that must happen if you desire to have a million dollar company in your future (the move itself is determined by the plan, process, pricing and people you put in place.)  I'm going to help you create THE Strategic Plan that is non-negotiable on your Move to Millions.  

Because, let's face it, no matter what you've been told, you need to realize this powerful truth:

                                                             Before you can make the MOVE, you have to create the PLAN.

I'm not talking about grabbing your calculator and realizing that you'll need to do $83,333.33 each month for a year to make a cool mill. No, that's easy.  You've already done thatI'm talking about taking the time to break down the plan, the pricing, the processes and the people that are REQUIRED to have a business that earns one million dollars or more a year, a company that serves and supports all that you are.   With my help, you'll break down your plan, process, pricing and people with the support of someone who's already where you desire to be, which means this is not theory, it will work if you work it. 

And I'm talking about looking at your business as if you're already the CEO of a million dollar company. The fact is, you have to see it before you see it so that you get to experience it. 

And, just so we are clear,  it takes time and clear strategy to hit the million dollar mark in a way that isn't overwhelming, full of fear and focused solely on the money (we are helping our clients do it in 12-36 months). And with my help learning what must be part of THE plan, you'll be one step closer without sacrificing anything that is important to you.

This isn't about hustling and grinding your way to generating and impacting millions.

This is about leveraging and scaling your business in a way that honors who you are, your purpose-filled mission and how you shake the planet. 

Is This You?

You are a service-based entrepreneur (coach, consultant, attorney, accountant, etc) who adds tremendous value to the lives of others and you're ready to increase your income so you can increase your impact
You love the work you do but have been trying to find a way to do it with less grind and more grace
You know that what you do changes lives, but it hasn't been enough to change your financial status
You've got dreams of a business that serves you at your next level yet you haven't actually created a concrete plan to aid your journey
You're ready to shift from six-figure years to six-figure quarters and ultimately six-figure months 
You're tired of not having enough leads and prospects because your message is mediocre and you're ready to rise above the noise so that you can see consistency month in and month out in your business

eVERYTHING YOU useD to DO TO MOVE YOUR BUSINESS FORWARD NO LONGER WORKS. it's going to take a fresh approach to be relevant in today's marketplace.


It's the same energy to shift from six figures a year to six figures a quarter or month!

But... you'll need a BRAND NEW plan to access it, and I am ready to help you plan for millions (even if you're just at or on target for six figures) with brand new content for our upcoming event!

Allow me to introduce myself:

My name is Darnyelle Jervey Harmon, MBA and I am the award-winning, incomparable CEO of the multi-million dollar company, Incredible One Enterprises and we specialize in leveraging and scaling businesses at the convergence of spirituality and business growth strategy. Recently awarded an honorary PhD in entrepreneurship, my team and I help our service-based entrepreneur clients make the move to million dollar CEO with grace and ease instead of hustle and grind so that they scale a business that serves them financially AND spiritually while they unlock six figure cash flow in their business.  I'm not new to this; I am true to this and over the last 14 years my clients have generated $250M in REVENUE because of my strategic approach to business growth and company expansion!

In this one-day introduction training, I am going to share what it will take for you to prepare, plan and position your business on the trajectory to millions ($250K, $500K and $750K) without sacrificing your livelihood, hustling or grinding or creating a job for yourself even though you call yourself the CEO! 


AND, I am also excited to announce that you have an opportunity to apply to join me for my BONUS VIP Private Masterclass on Wednesday, September 15th, 2021 at no additional investment (more details provided after you secure your seat).

If you want to experience a fraction of my or my clients' success, you should join me for Plan for Millions from the comfort of your own home.

"In the two years I have been working with Darnyelle, I have grown my business into a solid multiple six-figure business. I’m closing clients at higher rates and building a powerful team to support me. It's about so much more than business growth; my life has changed in every way. If you are a small business owner, you need an expert like Darnyelle to show you exactly how to leverage + scale to serve more clients and earn more income in your industry."


"When I met Darnyelle, my business was doing  3/4 million a year. I knew that I should be doing millions, but I wasn't quite sure what I was missing. With her help we put the right business model, systems, and team in place, and we finished the year just shy of $4M in sales. IN ONE YEAR. If you need help fine tuning your systems, I highly recommend working with her; she has contributed directly to $2M of my business’ growth in about 12 months."

Marquel Russell
Client Attraction Strategist

"Before becoming an Incredible Factor University client and working with Darnyelle, I was a great speaker... but I was not a well paid one. Darnyelle showed me how to monetize my message and to understand my value. With her help, I closed a multi-six figure client. What I continue to be impressed by is the fact that Darnyelle is not just a marketing coach; she’s a proven business leader and mentor who truly understands how to leverage and scale businesses."


Plan for Millions is for you if...

You're tired of feeling like a Chief Everything Officer and you're ready to find the right plan, pricing, processes and people to expand your brand and help you shake the planet
You're feeling stuck in your business and you could use another thought process to make a powerful shift
You've been struggling to fit all of the pieces together into a business that offers amazing value to clients, feeds your spirit and brings you a sense of freedom all while making great money doing what you love
You're Incredible (and you know it) but somehow your check book didn't get the memo (you know you should be making way more by now)
You're ready to work less while earning more (serving less clients in a more profitable way)
You're been wanting to build a team but don't know how to do it without losing your shirt or taking on massive responsibility that may kill your creativity
You've been building your business long enough to know who you are, who you serve, the problem you solve and the solution you offer
You're ready to build a team but you want a lean team that supports your vision for a business that serves you financially and spiritually
You're tired of playing CEO; you're ready to show up like a CEO so that your business serves you in every way
You're over praying and playing small - you're ready to see yourself the way God sees you AND your business
You're ready to test me out and verify what your friends have been telling you, that I am the GOAT (my client's words, but I approve this message).

If you've been feeling boxed in to mediocre months and you're ready to scale up to significance and success, join me!


With the right Plan, Pricing, Processes and People, you’ll have the what you need to prepare and position your business for MILLIONS!

What You'll Learn at Plan for Millions...

plan | pricing | processes |people

One Page Scale Up Plan

Everything that you'll need to move your business forward will be in a simple, easy to implement one-page document that you have a plan to leverage in order to add a 0 to your bottom line.

Pricing & Profitability Formula

My proven formula will show you how to increase your profitability so you can earn more while serving fewer clients, and even afford to hire those team members who will free you up to do what you love.

Business Systems

Determine which systems you need in your business, so that you can stop wasting valuable time starting from scratch EVERY time you do anything in an attempt to move the needle.

Your Operational Infrastructure

Learn how to expose (and fix) the holes in your operational infrastructure that threaten to keep you stuck in your business, and what to do now so that you're ready to run on full throttle.

Workshop One: The Mindset, Vision and Plans of a Million Dollar CEO

I have always believed that you need to "be it" to "become it", so we are going to shift your vantage point to that of a Million Dollar CEO and set the vision that will create the massive impact and income you're desiring for your company. In this session you will start thinking, seeing, and moving like the 7-figure business owner that you are destined to be!

Workshop Two: Modeled for Millions

One of the questions I get asked all the time is "am I in the right business model to scale to the million dollar mark?" If you have been wondering the same, you are in for a treat! While there are 7 business models that can accelerate your Move to Millions, in this powerful workshop I am going through my favorite three that work for all service-based business owners with millions on their mind, so that you can leverage the right one for you with grace and ease instead of hustle and grind. Your business model determines how long it takes to scale - let me help you identify the right model for you!

Workshop Three: Profitable Pricing Strategies

I can promise you that your Move to Millions will be stalled if your pricing is not profitable! I am going to help you reset your pricing strategy so that becoming a high-end service provider happens with grace and ease instead of frustration and fear. We will talk mindset and methodology to raise your prices just in time for your 4th quarter comeback.

Business Makeovers and Live Q & A with Darnyelle

In my signature style, I will be making over a few businesses right on the spot. It's amazing what I can do to your business in ten minutes! Your application is a part of your registration.

Positioned for Millions with Special Guest Experts

Hear our special guests share their thoughts about planning and positioning your business for millions. You'll be inspired and get to see behind-the-scenes of the making of Million Dollar CEOs.

when the day is all said and done, you'll be clear, you'll be confident and you'll know how to create the plan to increase your cash flow!

the details

Tuesday, September 14th, 2021
Get the Replay Now

High-Content virtual workshop, business makeovers, open Q&A

investment: only $49

In addition to the opportunity to apply for the BONUS VIP Private Masterclass on September 15th, you’ll also be invited to apply to receive a business makeover with me live at the one day virtual event (details and application provided upon registration).

Don't make the mistake of letting the investment fool you. This introduction is more valuable than some programs you've invested in. 

Formal details will be provided via email after you secure your seat. All sales are final, no refunds will be issued. If you sign up after September 15th, you will be sent the replay and access it for 7 days. *

"Guess who closed the week with a $42K deal? This girl! Glory to God and thank you Darnyelle Jervey Harmon and team for the coaching, tools, and support! That makes $97,500 since enrolling in the Leverage + Scale Weekend last month!"

tish times

networking & sales trainer

"Just closed my LARGEST client ever! $20k ghostwriting deal - agreement signed, deposit in hand! Thank you Darnyelle for making me LEVEL ALL THE WAY UP! #NextLevelEverything"

tenita chantilly johnson

writer, editor & publisher

"Hey there IFU family! I just reached my goal and made over $20,000 this month! I am so excited for the Weekend so that I can explode it!"

Stevii Aisha Mills

business coach & consultant

"I just had another effortless $25K close on the program Darnyelle helped me price BEFORE at Leverage + Scale Weekend! That makes $75k just from this offer; $125k in total in less than 30 days!"

TerDawn DeBoe

brand strategist

millions are Waiting for You to show up and shake it...
let's plan for millions together.


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