Client Interview: How Re-Joining Incredible Factor University Positioned Sherrell for SUSTAINABLE Multiple Six-Figure Growth

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Just the other week I was talking with a prospective client who was referred by a previous client who had worked with me on more than one occasion. During our conversation, this potential client boldly asked me:

Why do so many of your clients work with you for many years or come back often?

Instead of telling you what I told her, I thought it would be good for you to hear my two-time client Sherrell share why she hired me again to take her business to the next level:

“When I first hired you, I grew my business enough to quit my job. When I knew I needed to shift, I had to work with you again. Through our work, you showed me how to turn this business into a sustainable operation that could truly fund the life I wanted for me and my family. You don’t hold anything back and it’s one of the things I love about working with you. Everything you’ve taught me is foundational and I can still apply it to this day. You are not just a business coach or mentor, you’ve changed every part of my life.

Sherrell Martin
Sherrell Martin Financial Expert

I’ve often shared that I think it’s foolish to unplug from a power source for your business.  And for many, Incredible Factor University (IFU) is a power source.  Perhaps it should be the power source you tap into to finally make your Move to Millions.

Just like Sherrell shares during our interview, learning the IFU way of building business has truly given her a company that serves her.

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These are all things that we can introduce to your life and business when you join us at Incredible Factor University.

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Upon approval, you'll gain access to our private advanced training that breaks down our framework and methodology for working with clients, how we help them set up their business to MOVE to Millions and how we support all that they are as spouses, parents, leaders and community servants. And as a part of our training, you will see what's possible and what's the right plan to get you where you want to be.

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