Client Interview: Shaniece Wise Spencer
From Barely Getting By to an INCREDIBLE 100% Revenue Increase

Ready for results like Shaniece?


Allow me to introduce you to Shaniece Wise Spencer.  Shaniece is a former Mary Kay Cosmetics Sales Director who sent her pink Cadillac back to the company to start her own company.  Today, Shaniece is a business growth and expansion coach.

Before she joined Incredible Factor University, Shaniece was clear on her gifts and talents and serving clients but she was only making about $1,500 a month in her business full-time.  It wasn’t nearly enough to build her business and pay her bills. Things were definitely less than Incredible.

Shaniece, just like you, knew that she had the makings of a powerful brand and business that would generate great income and offer her the freedom and flexibility to shift her life, she just couldn't get herself there on her own.

Shaniece knew that she needed help to turn things around and at the insistence from a friend (another Incredible Factor University client), she and I scheduled a call.

That call changed everything.

In less than a year after hiring me, Shaniece went from $1,500 per month to over six figures in revenue.

My favorite part of our interview was when Shaniece shared what has happened in her life because of her business growth.

“…More than that, I have a business that serves me and funds my life – I’ve paid off so much debt, paid for my wedding and honeymoon of a lifetime with family and friends, and created a lifestyle for my family because of how [Darnyelle's] helped me to grow my business. If you know you’re not earning what you should in your business, call Darnyelle. She will help you grow your business.”

Shaniece Wise Spencer
Shaniece Wise Spencer

If you asked Shaniece how she could make the investment when she was already barely getting by in her business, I know she’d tell you that she couldn’t afford not to invest and that implementing everything I suggested to her had to be done.  Shaniece was a willing student and the results showed up for her almost immediately.  You see, with the right guidance and support, results always show up.

You may also think that Incredible Factor University is like every other coaching program on the planet.

If you think that, you’d be wrong.

Real wrong.

Truthfully, IFU is filled with programs where you don’t just learn, you implement.  We get you doing the right things so that you can see results very quickly.  And in addition to the right strategies, we work on your mindset and alignment. As a result, Shaniece isn’t our only client who’s experienced MASSIVE increase in her business year over year.

Let’s be clear, there's plenty of knowledge out there. There are plenty of coaches and tons of commentary on the best way to grow your business.

You don’t have a lack of knowledge.

It's a lack of systems, structure, and step-by-step exactly-how-to, and the accountability to actually get it done.

Let’s be honest, we both know you have no problem starting new things.

Finishing them is another issue, isn’t it? Implementation is not always easy.  That's why you need the right support and community so that you get into action.

Through IFU, clients begin to realize that money is everywhere.

We help them to BREAK THROUGH lack and scarcity into abundance, financially and spiritually. We shift their focus and help them get systems set up so that building their business moves from difficult to a delight.  We hold them accountable to get so much more done -- the right way the first time -- and when combined with the right messaging, marketing, and sales strategies then incomes start increasing left and right, just like Shaniece’s has.

Do me a quick favor and ask yourself four questions:

  • If I were to join an Incredible Factor University program, where would my business be a year from now?
  • What kind of a difference would the income growth make for my family?
  • If I had accountability and support, would I shake the planet?
  • If I had support and community so that I didn’t have to feel alone, would that be a game changer for me?

If, like Shaniece, trying to do it by yourself isn’t working anymore, then you should apply to attend one of my advanced trainings. I will share in detail how I help my clients make more in a month than most do in a year.