Scale Up 2020

Scaling Your Business Requires 4 Things:


Are you ready to Scale Up to a Business That Serves You Financially & Spiritually in 2020?

Allow me to introduce myself:

My name is Darnyelle Jervey Harmon, MBA and I am the CEO of Incredible One Enterprises and we specialize in combining spiritual principles with business growth strategy. We help our clients connect mindset, messaging and marketing to sales, systems and scalability so that they unlock six figure cash flow in their business in 12 months or less, and now I’m preparing to help you scale up your business in 2020!!

In the last 12 months, my clients and I have grossed a combined $8M dollars in revenue in their businesses and over the last 10 years in business our client roster has earned more than $80M in revenue! In this one-day training, I am going to share how you can scale up your business to multiple six or seven figures without sacrificing your livelihood, hustling or grinding or creating a job for yourself and calling yourself a business owner.  That's right, you can scale up your business and income without scaling up your effort and output!


If you want to experience a FRACTION of my or my clients' success, you should join me for Scale Up 2020 from the comfort of your own home.

"I grew my business to $1.5 MILLION with Darnyelle's help!"


Before working with Darnyelle, I was enjoying the fruits of running a ½ million dollar business. I'm good at what I do and I help my clients get great results. In working with Darnyelle, I realized what was missing: I struggled with the mindsets that kept me getting out of my own way long enough to create a plan and take massive actions in my business. Just a month or so into my work with Darnyelle, I experienced a massive shift mentally and got into action. As a result, I built my pipeline to more than $40,000,000 and grew my revenue to $1,500,000! I've worked with other coaches who didn't really understand business and so working with Darnyelle has been so refreshing. My business is on a trajectory of growth, my mindset is focused on abundance and I am just getting started. If you're ready to up-level your mindset, business acumen and results, you should be working with Darnyelle.

Sheyla Blackman
ITMC Solutions &
Government Contractor Coach

Scale Up 2020 is for you if:

  • You're tired of feeling like a Chief Everything Officer and you're ready to find the right systems and support to expand your brand and help you shake the planet
  • You know you're close to laying the "golden egg", you just need some small but well positioned tweaks and you know that the longer you go without guidance from a proven mentor the longer you sit in a business that doesn't serve you
  • You've been struggling to fit all of the pieces together into a business that offers amazing value to clients, feeds your spirit and brings you a sense of freedom all while making great money doing what you love
  • You're Incredible (and you know it) but somehow your check book didn't get the memo (you know you should be making way more by now)
  • You're ready to work less while earning more (serving less clients in a more profitable way)
  • You're been wanting to build a team but don't know how to do it without losing your shirt or taking on massive responsibility that may kill your creativity
  • You've been building your business long enough to know who you are, who you serve, the problem you solve and the solution you offer
  • You're ready to build a team but you want a lean team that supports your vision for a business that serves you financially and spiritually

Here's what you'll learn

  • You'll create your one page strategic plan for the next 12 months. Everything that you'll need to move your business forward will be in a simple easy to implement document that you can use to add a 0 to your bottom line.
  • My pricing and profitability formula to show you how you CAN afford to hire those team members that will free you up to do what you love. And you'll learn how to increase your prfitability at the program level so you earn more while serving less clients
  • Which systems you need in your business, complete with my 7 system cheat sheets to make implementing the systems simple so that achieving your next level of growth is not only possible it's definitely going to happen.
  • How to expose (and fix) the holes in your operational infrastructure that threaten to keep you stuck in your business and what to do now so that by 2020 you're ready to run on full throttle.

Here's What I Know For Sure:

With the right Strategy | Systems | Support and Sales, you’ll have the plan, people, processes and profit you need to scale up your business! I will help you develop all four during our time together!

If you’ve been feeling boxed in and you’re ready to scale up, join me!


You’ll also be invited to apply to receive a business makeover with me live at the event (details and application provided upon registration)



11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. 

High-Content Virtual Workshop, Business Makeovers and Open Q&A

Investment: $597 Only $249 until Cyber Monday!

*Formal details will be provided via email after you secure your seat. 

*All sales are final, no refunds will be issued*

When you join me for Scale Up 2020, I will help you to stop spending time boxed into a business that doesn’t serve your purpose, fuel your passion of position you to profit. I’ll help you create your Scale Up Strategic Plan so that you’ll have the strategy, systems, support and sales you need to Scale Your Business to Multiple Six or Seven Figures!!

And, if you act NOW, you can also apply to join me in the “hot seat” for a complete Business Makeover Session. I will be doing a few of these during the LIVE event. This is my free gift to those of you who take action NOW and register to join me. And, even if you’re not chosen, you will learn from watching the other breakthroughs that occur in the room.


"A 473% Return on Investment Working with Darnyelle for 6 months!"

barbara-hemphill-andrea-andersenIn working with Darnyelle, we have experienced so much personal growth that is spilling over into our business growth.  Prior to hiring Darnyelle, our monthly revenues were not commensurate with the value and expertise we add to the marketplace.  Since hiring Darnyelle, we've noticed a steady monthly climb in revenues and in our actions and decisions as business owners.  In the last 6 months, we have earned more than all of last year!  We are more confident in our value and are focused on growing our company.  Before Darnyelle we would have never considered charging 5 figures for our services.  Now, not only are we charging it, we are earning it! In fact, we've seen a 473% return on our investment and we are just getting started.  With Darnyelle's help we have already grown so much and know that the best is yet to come.  If you're tired of not seeing your expertise build a revenue generating business, hire Darnyelle.  It really is Incredible what she can help you accomplish.  It's been so great, we hired her again!

Barbara Hemphill & Andrea Andersen
Productive Environment Institute

"200% growth 2 years in a row working with Darnyelle, AND my first ever $100,000 month!"

It’s been an amazing experience working with Darnyelle! In my first year I grew from $100,000 to $250,000, and in this second year, I’ve grown my business to ½ a million with her guidance and support! I even had my first-ever $100,000 month by working with Darnyelle. And, my business is profitable! You can’t tell me that she isn’t brilliant. She knows and teaches real business. As an attorney, her strategies are just as powerful for me as they are for her other clients and I’m loving every minute of what we’ve built together.

Why should you hire Darnyelle? That’s easy… when people come into her space, they make more money PLUS increase their confidence, commitment and community. She is Incredible and I am so grateful that I made the investment.

Nancy Greene

We have limited seating so clear your calendar and join me...your Incredible Factor will be so glad that you did. We’re holding this event virtually but only to small number of people, so if you know you need this right now, don’t hesitate! (After you register, link and other details will be provided….)

Be Incredible,


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