Client Interview: How Dr. Pamela Had Her Biggest Year Yet (Multi 6-Figures)
While Taking a World Class Family Vacation

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Allow me to introduce you to Dr. Pamela Ellis.  Dr Pamela is the CEO of Compass Education, where helps parents get their children into the school of their dreams without emptying their pocketbooks. She's amazing at what she does. She had been in business for 5 years before she was introduced to me and Incredible Factor University. Working with me was her last hope, her next step was getting a job.

Around year five in her business, she was tired, frustrated, stagnant and she realized that she needed help - access to systems to take her business to the next level. She needed more structure and accountability if she was going to have a solid, thriving business that she truly desired and wanted for her children. That's when she started working with us and joined our Incredible Factor University (IFU) Leverage + Scale Mastermind.

Dr. Pamela credits the structure, systems, accountability and support we provide at IFU for setting her up to achieve her best months ever – something she admits she couldn’t accomplish on her own.  Dr. Pamela's business is now a multiple six figure business, in the three years she's been working with me at Incredible Factor University, she's experienced more than 200% growth and she's just getting started.

Here’s a snippet of what she shared during our conversation:

"A key change was instituting systems in my business. One of the main things I got from Darnyelle's program is not only the importance of follow through, but some systems around how to do that and to do it consistently.

The other thing that I can't say enough about is the accountability and the support. Even though I have a team of people around me, that's totally different than having a support network of other entrepreneurs around me as well as a mentor and coach who's guiding me throughout my business journey.

I'm now able to make time for myself without the guilt. When we're passionate about what we do, it's easy to get consumed with work. I'm finally able to take time off (ie. vacation with kids) without slaving to my business. Even though last year was my biggest year to date, I actually did more in the way of taking care of myself and spending time with my kids that I hadn't done in the years prior."

Dr. Pamela Ellis
Dr. Pamela Ellis

I'm so proud of Dr. Pamela! All of us at IFU are so proud of what she's created in her now multiple six figure business.

Why did Dr. Pamela create such great results with us?

It really simple. We have a PROVEN formula that works:

  1. First, we start with a series of assessments to find the gaps in your business' foundation (that are LIKELY the reasons why your growth is stalled.)
  2. Then, we infuse you with a powerful mindset shift to get you to step into your power so that you can leverage and scale your revenue and business. By helping you to shift your vision of yourself, you'll recognize your value and shift accordingly.
  3. Then, we raise your prices, strengthen your packages and create a customized strategic  plan that will bring your goals within view around your marketing, sales and systems. And the cool thing is that our program has been developed and gotten results for hundreds of business owners across lots of different industries and business models.
  4. We offer an amazing community of bada$$ entrepreneurs who love you, pray for you and are all building incredible six and seven figure businesses that serve them financially and spiritually.
  5. We have a PROVEN curriculum and an amazing vault of content, resources, templates and systems that bring EVERYTHING you need to move the needle in your business within reach whenever you need it.
  6. The powerful accountability and mindset support you need to show up powerfully so that you profitably impact the world.  You'll have a team of coaches at your disposal so that every need gets fulfilled.
  7. Focus on spirituality and business growth together. They are not mutually exclusive you can have a spiritual foundation AND make more money doing what you love.
  8. Life and accountability coaching in addition to business consulting to move every area of your life forward.
  9. Dedicate time, support and resources that aid with implementation.
  10. And we offer as much review and customized strategy as you need to leverage + scale a business that serves you fully, richly and deeply.

Because of what we've created at Incredible Factor University, the return on investment includes:

  • Personal development
  • Family cohesion and growth
  • Spiritual growth
  • Business growth

If you've been stuck at the same level in your business and you want to get to your next level financially and spiritual, then you should apply to attend one of my advanced trainings. I will share in detail how I help my clients make more in a month than most do in a year.


Yes, the training is free, but you have to apply to access it. We want to learn about your business goals and the gaps keeping you from achieving them just like we did for Dr. Pamela when she reached out to us.

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