Client Interview: How Marquel Generated $546,125 in Sales Leveraging Just ONE Strategy I Taught Him

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Allow me to introduce you to Marquel Russell of Global Wealth Firm and Client Attraction University.

Who am I kidding? You probably already know him or have seen him online.

Marquel is a very successful marketing consultant who works with coaches to help them grow their businesses in half the time by learning the power of Facebook ads for client attraction.

When we met, Marquel was already well over the half million-dollar mark with his eyes set on millions. In order to get there, he knew that his business model needed some adjustments. In our first engagement together, I helped Marquel introduce the power of live events to his business model and in the two event cycles he held during our 90-day program, he generated more than $300,000.

With his sights on a $2.5MM business, Marquel hired me again so that we could not only deepen the strategy he's been using, but we could continue to tighten his systems, streamline his business, and maximize his team to seamlessly cross the multi-million dollar mark THIS YEAR in his business. Between his marketing genius and my operational oversight and strategic consulting and coaching, Marquel has generated more than $2,000,000 in 2020 working together (and he's now a multi-million dollar business owner - he did NEARLY $4 million in 2020). As a result of our work, this was his first multi-million-dollar year. And I couldn't be more proud...

Here’s some of what Marquel shared during his interview about what it's like to work with Darnyelle and why he hired her twice (so far):

The way Darnyelle teaches is like a recipe I can easily implement. The fact that she teaches in this way, makes it a total no brainer. It's an easy decision.

Darnyelle has helped me structure my events from a systems standpoint, I just have to show up. I do my thing and the team handles everything else. Even from a coaching standpoint, our company is way more systemized. I'm looking at the business differently and removing myself from as much stuff as possible so I'm not the bottleneck.

I tell people all the time that Darnyelle's the real deal. There's a lot of people who talk the talk, but when it comes down to actually doing and fulfilling on what they say, Darnyelle definitely overdelivers and goes above and beyond.”

Marquel Russell
Marquel Russell

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