Client Interview: Lakisha Dean, Esq. on How Darnyelle is Unlike Any Other "Business Coach"

Does your business need a financial and spiritual makeover like Lakisha's?


Have the results you’ve produced up to this point in your business made you question if you’re on the right track?

And maybe you're thinking that if something doesn’t change (and fast), your dream of building a business that more than meets your needs will become a nightmare?

Lakisha Dean, Esq. felt the same way before she and I started working together.

When I first met Lakisha, she was bright-eyed and excited about starting her own practice (although she had given up a lot of security to do so). And in our first engagement, I helped her to establish a foundation for business, set packages and pricing that would work in her law practice, and she hit the six-figure mark.

Fast forward 4 years and she was still at the milestone I helped her to hit. She had held steady, but was ready for more. So she hired me again - and this time she was after Next Level Everything.

Now in her third year of the Leverage + Scale Mastermind, Lakisha’s business is headed for the half million-dollar mark and she’s achieved consecutive year over year growth in excess of 50%.

I’ve helped Lakisha with her systems, continuing to streamline her practice focus, and up-leveling her offerings for her clients, and she’s also started to build her team.

My favorite part of this quick clip with Lakisha is when she said that my work touches every part of who she is... that brings my heart joy because there is truly no one like me in the marketplace.

Here’s what Lakisha said about why every type of service-based entrepreneur needs to work with me:

“If it were not for Darnyelle, I would be running my business like a hamster running that circle. I would not have a six-figure business. She taught me how to handle my numbers and hire an assistant, things that I never ever addressed in law school. And she does it in a way where she shows me, holds me accountable, and allows me and my business to grow. Anyone out there, Darnyelle is not just for coaches, IFU is for professionals.

Lakisha Dean
Lakisha Dean

I’m asked all the time how I can help attorneys like Lakisha and the others I work with grow their business or practice in a way that doesn’t compromise their oath and commitment to serve their clients.

My response – easy – what it takes to grow a business, is what it takes.

No matter the industry, the way we equip our clients to experience unprecedented growth is based on the Pillars of Business Optimization™ – Mindset/Spirituality, Messaging, Marketing, Sales, Operations, Talent and Leadership/Legacy. And within those Pillars, I help my clients focus on what I call the Power of the Incredible One™. And when we employ this framework, our clients results double, triple and quadruple in a short period of time.

We also have a commitment to work with the WHOLE business owner – so we have a spirituality coach, life coach, and productivity/accountability coach that works with them in addition to me and the strategy I offer.

And now, let’s talk about YOU...

Are you an attorney or other service-based professional who is tired of holding steady at your last milestone when you KNOW you were created to THRIVE at your next?

Are you ready to close the gap between you and the transformation you offer?

Do you need help creating and streamlining operational systems so that your business starts to run like clockwork with or without you?

These are all things that we can introduce to your life and business when you join us at Incredible Factor University.

If you’re ready to up-level your business while earning more even though you’re streamlining and working less, you should apply for my private training.