Client Interview: How JoLanda Broke Through to Multiple Six Figures without Burn Out in Her Business

Have you ever failed before and when presented with an opportunity to go to the next level, that past fear immediately comes flooding back?

JoLanda Rogers definitely has (and I bet you have too).

JoLanda and I first met when she registered to attend my live event Breakthrough in Business. During the event, JoLanda and I shared a special moment when she needed one on one coaching to breakthrough her board (as a part of our culmination activity.)

She tried several times, but she couldn't get past her own fear to break through.

From the stage, I saw her struggling and I knew I needed to avail myself to help her cross over to the other side. So, I came down off the stage and went to coach her one on one. I immediately saw a willingness and sincere vulnerability in JoLanda. It was very refreshing. She was coachable and together, she broke through.

Together, she broke through. That's actually a commitment I make to all of my clients. If we agree that working together is the next best step for you, we become partners.


Allow me to formally introduce you to JoLanda Rogers, CEO of T.A.L.K. Consulting headquartered in Glendale, Wisconsin. Her full-time business was generating good money, but she was feeling burnt out by low prices and no systems. She found herself beginning to question how she was going to get to her next level.

When I extended an invitation to the audience to work with me in my Incredible Factor University programs, JoLanda wholeheartedly enrolled to work with me and the team at IFU.

And, as you listen in to the interview, you'll hear her excitement as to why. In full transparency, since the time that this interview was recorded, Jolanda has taken her business to the multiple six figure mark.

My favorite part of the interview is when JoLanda said:

“As a result of joining Incredible Factor University, I've literally seen my life and business transform. On a personal level, I was struggling with validation and the fear of not succeeding. I listened to the confidence module over and over. Confidence indeed became the new currency for my business, it has put me in divine alignment, and I am experiencing the overflow from it! My confidence is my gift from God! I deserve to celebrate His greatness in my life, and I finally believe that.

JoLanda Rogers
JoLanda Rogers

The reason I love this part of the interview so much is because my work is not just about your business. Incredible Factory University is about life and business transformation, financially and spiritually. And to hear her share how her confidence increased as a result of this program, it warms my heart! I know firsthand what can happen when you increase your confidence in yourself, your programs, your process and your prices – you attract higher caliber clients and you build a business that serves you financially and spiritually.

Incredible Factor University is a suite of coaching and consulting programs for six figure service-based entrepreneurs ready for leverage at the seven figure level. We take what you've been doing with hustle in your business and streamline it with the right systems and the result? MORE – impact, income, and influence as you leverage your business to the next level and make the MOVE to Millions.

I'm sure you got excited when you watched our interview because JoLanda is as she likes to say, "Dope!!!"

And now, let’s talk about YOU...

How's your confidence?

Could you use some support making sure that your services offer a transferable result that creates a win/win/win for both you and your ideal clients?

Do you KNOW you're not charging enough but the thought of raising your rates scares you and makes you question if anyone would ever pay that much to work with you?

Are you ready to leverage up your systems so that you welcome in more (clients, money and freedom) with ease and grace?

If you're ready to stop trying to figure everything about moving your business forward on your own and you want to increase your confidence while changing everything that's not working in your business like JoLanda has, apply for an opportunity to work with me and my team.

What to Expect

Upon approval, you'll gain access to our private advanced training that breaks down our framework and methodology for working with clients, how we help them set up their business to MOVE to Millions and how we support all that they are as spouses, parents, leaders and community servants. And as a part of our training, you will see what's possible and what's the right plan to get you where you want to be.

It all starts with an application.