Client Interview:
How Investing in Yourself Can Lead to 50% Growth Every Year

Ready for results like Dr. Karen Townsend?


Allow me to introduce you to Dr. Karen Townsend of KTownsend Consulting.  She's also the highly esteemed creator of About My Sisters and Confidential Conversations.  Dr Karen is a well-known, sought after diversity and inclusion and organizational development expert in Dayton, OH.  And even though she was sought-after, her business was generating only about $50,000 a year when we met. Dr Karen, like many of my clients knew that she needed help to turn her business around and to position it to offer more to her community and her family.  Dr Karen joined our mailing list and expressed interest in attending our live event.  One call to check in on her and to help her register shifted the trajectory of our connection.  At the time of my call, she informed me of a family member's cancer diagnosis.  I abandoned my original reason for calling and instead I prayed with her. I promised to follow up a few weeks later and I did.  I later learned that this act of empathy cemented our connection (I was just being Darnyelle:))

The following year, Dr Karen registered to attend my live event, Unleash Your Incredible Factor Live. After spending three days together, she decided to invest in herself to go to the next level and we began our work together.

One of the things I have come to love about the Incredible Factor University Leverage + Scale Mastermind is that we have some of the baddest entrepreneurs on the planet – they are all high-achieving women who hold advance degrees and shake the planet in their own right.

Before working with me, Karen didn’t believe that she could invest in herself at the level she knew it would require for her to see results. Further, she didn’t believe that she could have a business that is thriving and successful only serving women. But as she shares during our interview, one strategy call with me changed all of that.

Here’s some of what Dr. Karen shared during her interview when asked why she keeps investing in herself through Incredible Factor University:

“Because there is always something more I need to learn, without the community it would be very easy to go backwards and get stuck.  The level accountability keeps me on my toes and my business moving.  Before IFU, I had a business but I wasn’t functioning as a business.

I really didn’t want to sell, I just wanted to do what I do.  But Darnyelle has helped me to get paid well for serving my clients to the fullest of my ability.

Each year in Incredible Factor University, I’ve seen my business grow, I’m averaging at least 50% growth each year. I still laugh when I think about the fact that I didn’t think I could afford to invest to hire Darnyelle but each time I’ve reinvested, I’ve earned more and more in my business consistently.”

Dr. Karen Townsend
Dr. Karen Townsend

Way to go, Dr. Karen!

I’m sure you noticed as you watched the interview that something extremely personal came out…. And we talked about my goal – to partner with my clients and do life with them. That is one of the biggest things that makes Incredible Factor University different.  My team and I aren’t just your coaches, we are your partners in life and business.

And now, let’s talk about YOU...

Have you stopped yourself from investing at a higher level in the past?  Was it because you feel like you could get there on your own?

A quick question for you:  Is it possible that doing it yourself is keeping your growth stifled in your business?

What if you could be seeing consistent growth like Dr. Karen?

What if you opened yourself up to see great results month after month and year after year?

Perhaps it's time to take action and see what it would take to get you to your next level, where investing in yourself changes your life and bank account.

So, if you’re ready to stop trying to figure everything about moving your business forward on your own and you want to see consistent growth, like Dr. Karen has, apply for my advanced training (it’s my gift to you).

I will share in detail how I help my clients make more in a month than most do in a year.