Client Interview: How Bridgett went from $10 Tuesdays to a Solid, Thriving Six-Figure Business

Allow me to introduce you to my client, Bridgett Battles, CEO of The Bridgett Battles Experience headquartered in Philadelphia, PA. Bridgett specializes in executive presence and personal image as a business elevation tool.

When I first met Bridgett, it was 2013 and she was so excited about her jewelry and accessories business. She was so excited in fact; she missed the memo that she was sitting on a gold mine.

You see, she was trying to hit her dream of generating six figures in her business through selling jewelry and accessories and charging $25/hour to shop for people. I helped Bridgett shift her vision of herself and her business, introduced her to up-leveled services and pricing, and within weeks she closed her first $5,000 client. And over the last 6 years working together, she has turned those four-figure clients into mid five figure contracts, wrote a best-selling book, and she travels the country keynoting conferences for amounts she would have had to sell thousands of pieces of jewelry to make had she not hired me.

Perhaps you can relate as you watch our interview:

Ready for results like Bridgett?


My favorite part of the interview with Bridgett was when she said that so many doors have opened up because of the way we’ve up-leveled her brand and business! She’s now an influencer who is spending time with game changers! And on top of that, she is making great money in half the time. When I first met her she was “hustling,” now she is building her business in stride, riding the momentum of satisfied clients and powerful connections.

“I thought the moment you hit six figures you're rich. NO! Six Figures does not make you rich. I have the house now, I have the car now, I have an amazing dating life now. Material things are great, but me walking in my purpose and me speaking my purpose gives me not just a warm and fuzzy feeling, but true fulfillment.

Bridgett Battles
Bridgett Battles Presence Strategist & Personal Brand Development

In addition to the great money she was making, Bridgett made a powerful shift from the employee mindset to the mindset of a CEO. We also started building her team and creating the right systems to make her success predictable. We tightened her marketing message and raised her pricing (again) and up-leveled her offerings too. Now she is poised to take her business to the ½ million-dollar mark WITHOUT hustling and grinding and over-extending herself in the process!

Did you catch, when in the interview, Bridgett said that today she runs her business her business doesn’t run her? Let me just tell you that is growth speaking. And if it can happen for Bridgett, and you’re feeling like a bottleneck who’s burnt out, it can happen for you too…

And now, let’s talk about YOU...

Are you a powerful business owner who offers a great service that is undercharging and settling for a few clients and successes when you know deep down inside that you were meant for more?

Do you want to learn how to raise your rates so that you serve the right clients and work smarter and not harder without having to sacrifice anything that is important to you.

Do you need help shifting your vision of yourself and your gifts and talents so that not only does your gift make room for you it starts to make you money?

These are all things that we can introduce to your life and business when you join us at Incredible Factor University.

If you’re ready to stop trying to figure everything about moving your business forward on your own and you want to stop undercharging and create the right systems like Bridgett has, I invite you to apply to join us in one of our programs.

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