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Grew to $1.5 MILLION with Darnyelle's help!

"I was already running a ½ million dollar business, but Darnyelle helped me realize what was missing: I struggled with the mindsets that kept me getting out of my own way long enough to create a plan and take massive actions in my business. Just a month into working with Incredible One, I experienced a massive shift mentally and got into action. As a result, I built my pipeline to more than $40,000,000 and grew my revenue to $1,500,000! I’ve worked with other coaches who didn’t really understand business and so working with Darnyelle and her team has been so refreshing. My business is on a trajectory of growth, my mindset is focused on abundance and I am just getting started."

Sheyla Blackman

Government Contractor & Coach

Over 2 Million Additional Revenue!

"When I met Darnyelle, I was already a very successful marketing coach, BUT I KNEW that this business should be doing MILLIONS... and I wasn't quite sure what I was missing. After attending Darnyelle's Profit From Live Events, I invested in a VIP day with Darnyelle and the pieces came together. With Darnyelle's help we've put the right business model, systems, and team in place, and now just finished our first MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR YEAR. If you need help fine tuning your systems so that you can explode the impact and income of your business, I highly recommend Darnyelle. Working with her has contributed directly to 2M of my business' growth in 2020 and even more when you count 2021."

Marquel Russell

King of Client Attraction

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